Final Project Presentation

Today, Fang, Jove, Penny and I presented our BouncingBalls2 project to the class.


Currently, the web version does not work, but you can check it out at .

It was really fun working with my team – American SHENGDIYAGE, I wish all of them luck for the future and I hope to meet them in the future too!


Guest Speaker – Sebastian Alvarado

Yesterday, Sebastian came in to talk to us about a game that he is working on called ‘Cell’. The main idea is to get players to become familiar with the topic of cancer and to learn more about cancer as they play. The game’s main idea is to conquer healthy cells until you become immortal. Sebastian currently works at THWACKE Consulting, but he used to be in a circus and he even showed us a magic trick!

Thank you so much Sebastian for talking to us about your new game, I can’t wait to play it when it gets released.

Guest Speaker – Brandon Tearse

Brandon works at Google, and he talked to us about Internships at Google. He told us that Google offers thousands of internships all over the world, and high-school students would be able to gain work experience from this. Moreover, he told us that internships is a way Google finds its employees. Brandon also emphasised that it is important to ask for help when you really get stuck because “two heads are better than one”.

I would like to thank Brandon for talking to us and giving us valuable information about internships at Google.


Guest Speaker – Jay & Beau Silver

Today, we got the chance to have a Google Hangout with Jay and Beau, the makers of Makey Makey. The Makey Makey allows anyone to create cool devices that may use parts that you might not have thought of when it comes to interacting with a computer. Jay and Beau talked to us about the product and how now people are making many different devices using Makey Makey, for example, the dog Piano! They also gave us advice on how we should do what we want to do, and that we should do work that we enjoy.

I would like to thank both Jay and Beau for talking to us about the Makey Makey and giving us valuable advice.

Here’s a Makey Makey video from Jay:

Cya SPCS 2014

The end of SPCS has arrived, and I have to say, I will miss the people, the place, even the food here a lot. I would like to thank all the RCs, ACs for organising everything and helping us with everything. I would like to thank Julie and Peter for always helping us when ever we’re stuck and always trying to let us figure it for ourselves before you help us. Lastly, I would like to thank Sherol for being a great lecturer and instructor. I have learnt so much from this camp, and I will make use of everything I learnt in the future.

New things that I have learnt from SPCS

  • Processing Language –  based on Java, that I will need for school in the future
  • Big O, process runtimes
  • Much more that I can’t think of now!

I wish everyone good luck, and I hope some of you come visit me in Thailand!

Guest Speaker – Mike Marmarou

Yesterday, our class had the chance to listen to Mike Marmarou who works at Apple Inc. He talked to us about the process in getting a job at any tech company. He advised us to start making small applications and programs and to begin building our resume now. He also encouraged us to take part in internships and tech companies to gain more work experience. Mike also told us that he’s working on the Photos app on iOS and Mac, (which I use 🙂 )

Lastly, I would like to thank Mike for coming in to give us advice on this topic, and I would really love to be able to work at Apple in the future.



Thank you so much Mike!

Guest Speaker – Bret Victor

Yesterday, our class had the chance to listen to a presentation given by Bret Victor. He demonstrated to us an interactive IDE that allowed changes in code to be instantly showed on the animation. I learnt afterwards that Bret heavily influenced the “Playgrounds” in the new ‘Swift’ programming language, and the picture below that I found on the internet looked incredibly similar to what Bret created, and showed us.

The Swift interactive playground.


In Bret’s IDE, it was possible to use a slider, when holding a certain key to change values of different variables etc. I think this idea is great, as it is very intuitive and I hope that this feature gets ported into other IDEs and this would be able to be used in different programming languages.


Here’s a long video clip showing one of Bret’s presentations:

Moreover, he also showed us web pages that had interactive data features, for example, there was a web page that showed effects of energy conservation by U.S. households. When one data was changed, e.g. if 50% of households turned their lights off when not used, the other data changed as a result, and readers can instantaneously see the result of that action.

I would like to say thank you to Bret for coming in to talk to us and to look at the projects we created. Also, I really appreciate all the feedback you have given us, it’ll make all of us better programmers. Thank you so much Bret!